4 Steps to Gaining Better Command of a Subject

In order to become an authority in any particular subject or area, we must first gain better command of that area. What does that mean exactly? More importantly how do we do it? When we say “better command,” we’re referring to both having more knowledge on a particular subject and the ability to call on that knowledge instantly when we need it. In short, we are talking about true mastery of a subject, rather than a mere smattering or modicum of understanding.

Ways to Gain Better Command of a Subject

There are several key ways one can employ to reach this status. To get the best ideas, we put our heads together here at Education House Leeds and chose our top list:

The first thing to do is to assess yourself.

Either with the help of friend, or perhaps from a learning institution, put together an assessment where your current level of knowledge and understanding can be tested. The assessment should include content of varying difficulty. How you perform in this will give you a current standard from which you then know you have to work from. It will also, therefore, tell you how far you have to go until you reach “better command.”

Next, you should focus on where your knowledge gaps are.

Your assessment should reveal the main gaps in your knowledge. Far from being a problem, the gaps in your knowledge are exactly the things you are seeking. This is where your learning will begin. Choose courses and study materials that will help you to not only fill in these knowledge gaps, but also build upon them.

After more learning and review, you should repeatedly assess yourself.

Nominate a period of time in which you expect yourself to make progress. It could be bi-weekly, or monthly, or whatever works for your particular level. Hold fresh assessments and reflect on the results. They will point to where knowledge gaps remain. Continue this process until those gaps are filled in and built upon.

The final step is to try teaching what you know to someone else.

No, this doesn’t have to be in any formal classroom setting, but try to find a willing partner who knows little or nothing on the subject and then try to teach them about it. Their questions and difficulties will put your own knowledge and experience to the test. Whichever problems that you are unable to resolve with your “student” are the final gaps that need plugging before you can gain true command of a subject.

Be a Jack of Many Trades, but Be a Master of at Least One

One of the main arbiters of success in the modern world is whether you can be an authority on a certain subject. The Chinese refer to teachers of special skills and subjects as “masters,” and that’s because they have spent time, energy and seemingly endless effort to gain true command of their subject area.

Let Education House Leeds help you fill in the gaps with our experiential courses that will bolster your knowledge and provide practical experience, too. It’s never too early or too late to start gaining better command of a subject. Start your journey today.

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