About Us

Welcome to Education House Leeds

House Leeds is an independent training provider registered in the United Kingdom since 2014 with a proven record in working with many individuals to develop the required skills to be successful. We offer various preparation services for UK Citizenship tests from Life in the UK test, B1test, A2 test to Driving Theory Test, and other tests.
In pursuit of excellence while maintaining high professional standards to serve our students better, we are pleased to announce that the British Accreditation Council now accredits usto deliver Business management training, an accomplishment we attained in August 2020. This denotes that we have satisfied BAC’s rigorous and thorough inspection process and met the approval of the Accreditation Committee to run Business management training starting from 2021. This is a most notable achievement and a significant mark of educational quality that serves to guarantee the exceptionality of our staff, compliance, and training programmes. It is a globally recognized accreditation. This is reassurance and reinforcement that our institute is credible and has the right to deliver the courses or programmes within the accredited provision.

At Education House Leeds, we focus on developing management and business administration skills by employing a range of hands-on experiential learning and development activities through intensive workshops. Our dedicated team of training, development, and life skills professionals is available to support national and international trainees to achieve the impact they need at the individual, team, and organizational levels through the provision of experiential skills-based workshops augmenting knowledge development.

In a world that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous, organizations and individual employees are only as strong as their leaders and managers. Our institution aims to mold all trainees while equipping them with skills that make it possible for them to advance their work practices, team performance, and organizations in general.

In the hope of inspiring and developing individuals, teams, and organizations to outperform, Education House Leeds recently commenced Business and Management Training programmes for Overseas Clients. These training programmes positions the institution to help its trainees to become stronger and more skilled leaders and managers who can drive change, execute strategy, and achieve their organizations’ goals. The modern business environment is increasingly international in scope. The programme provides you with tools, techniques, and concepts to understand how organizational management is conducted and how firms can thrive in today’s global marketplace.

Our approach is based on challenging, inspiring, and developing our trainees’ skills to help them operate effectively and responsibly in a truly global setting. We offer a very flexible programme where our trainees are only required to attend a series of experiential training workshops twice per week over a period of 6 weeks.