Complaints Policy


Education House Leeds is committed to listen and respond dissatisfaction of all users. So all complaints will be taken seriously; fully investigated; handled quickly, sympathetically and confidentially; and lead to improvements. Expressions of dissatisfaction can be about policies, procedures, practices, a misunderstanding, an unreasonable expectation, staff behaviour or quality of services.

A complaint is a statement of dissatisfaction relating to the individual, the care they are receiving or any other aspect of service delivery. Complaints are dealt with two ways:

  1. Informal – by talking to us;
  2. Formal – by putting the complaint in writing

Informal complaints arise when a verbal concern is made. They can often be addressed and resolved immediately, and if so, do not require investigation or a formal written response.

Formal complaints cannot be resolved ‘on the spot’. They are written, and require a written response and investigation. Some verbal concerns will be classed as ‘formal Complaint is due to the seriousness of their nature or possibly because the complainant may be unable to produce a written complaint or the complaint is made by telephone.


Written records must be kept of all formal or informal complaints received. Records must document whether they are resolved at the preliminary stage or proceed to a panel hearing.


When an informal complaint is raised it will be dealt with appropriately and effectively. All complaints will be recorded, passed on to the Complaint Officer and filed in the learner’s individual file.

The tutor/assessor may be able to resolve the problem straight away. If the person raising the informal complaint is happy with the answer given, the concern will be considered satisfactorily concluded. It will be recorded and passed to the Complaint Officer. If the complainant is unhappy with the outcome of their informal complaint they should make a formal complaint to the Complaint Officer. If the complainant prefers not to put it in writing themselves, it can be done on their behalf. Once read and agreed, it should be signed.


Formal complaints will be dealt with appropriately and effectively, considering severity, timeframe and any immediate action required.

All employees of Education House Leeds are potentially recipients of complaints and upon receipt an employee will inform the Complaint Officer and ask him to investigate. Formal complaints will be acknowledged within three working days of receipt. They will be investigated, and a written response given within ten working days. The written response will address the issues raised in the complaint, and provide information about what action, if any, will be taken. All records relating to the complaint, including copies of all correspondence, statements etc. will be stored in a confidential file maintained by the Complaint Officer and where the complaint is directly associated with a learner, in their confidential file. No person who is the subject of a formal complaint may take any responsibility for consideration of a response to that complaint. No person will suffer any form of harassment or reprisal for making a complaint. Any complaint which concerns safeguarding issues will be referred immediately to Designated Safeguarding Coordinator. Where it is considered that the ’ten day response’ target is unlikely to be met, then a more realistic assessment will be made, and the complainant will be informed.


On completion of the investigation, the complaint will be classified in one of three ways:-

  • Upheld – the complaint was fully justified and will result in corrective action being taken, e.g. an amendment of management/service procedures, staff training, improved communications
  • Partially upheld – certain aspects of the complaint were considered justified and will result in follow-up action
  • Not upheld – the complaint was not justified.


If complainant is not happy with the outcome of the complaint, complainant can request an appeal / review of the matter which will be undertaken by a different manager and overseen by the Principal.

A further investigation will be undertaken to reach a solution acceptable to both the complainant and Education House Leeds.


Education House Leeds has a number of employment policies in place, which are designed to deal with allegations of abuse, discrimination etc. If during any investigation into a complaint made by a learner it becomes apparent that some form of disciplinary action is to be taken against an employee, then it will do so in accordance with the most appropriate and relevant policy.


All correspondence, statements, and records of complaints are to be kept confidential.


Complaints Record KeeperDirector
Recipients of ComplaintsAll employees – Director
Complaint OfficerDirector
Designated Safeguarding OfficerDirector
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