• As per Home Office guidelines, it is mandatory for all applicants who are applying for Permanent Residence and pass the “Life in the UK” test, then B1 ENGLISH TEST is Mandatory
  • Applicants need to obtain an English qualification at or above Entry level 3/ B1 CEFR level qualification


  • You must register for your A2 Test UK online
  • You need to provide valid ID and details of your latest case’s solicitor if you have one


  • 4 weeks training in £150, two days per week
  • We will provide you with topic form which you must fill and submit to the examiner when you enter into the test room
  • Education House Leeds competitive advantage is in it use of modern and psychological methods to teach the core concept during preparation in a way so simple that even students with less picking ability are able to pass the exams.
  • We provide language support
  • We also offer B1 test booking service


After our students are done with their Life in the UK and B1 Test for UK, they will be need a Professional Legal advisor they can discuss their immigration needs with, and we offer an appointment with our experienced solicitors for free.

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