Driving Theory Test

Test for Life skills
Duration 6 Weeks
Attendance 2 Days / week
Fee £250
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  • Guaranteed PASS
  • Preparation monitoring system
  • Take unlimited lessons until PASS
  • Listen Questions & Answers in English
  • Read Questions & Answers in your language
  • Questions and Answers by pictures and diagrams

Test Background

  • Driving Theory Test is MANDATORY in the UK for driving a car or riding a motorcycle
  • The objective of the Driving Theory Test is to ensure that applicants have good knowledge of the Highway codes
  • This test ensures that you have the necessary road awareness required to drive safely

Test Details

This test is divided into two phases: MCQs and Hazard Perception Videos

Phase 1: Multiple Choice Format (50 Questions)

  • Questions format: Text only, Road side graphics, photographs of roads and driving scenarios
  • Minimum Score: 43 /50
  • Time : 57 minutes

Phase II: Hazard perception

  • 14 video clips
  • Spot any developing hazards
  • Minimum Score: 44/75
  • Time : 20 minutest

Getting Started

  • You must register for your Driving Theory test online.
  • You would be needing following documents at the time of test:
    • Provisional driver license
    • Photographic proof of identity (such as Passport)
    • Appointment letter

What we offer?

  • 6 weeks training in £250, two days per week
  • We offer registering service
  • Multi-language Instructors
  • Unlimited training class until you pass

During preparation course, online portal access (FREE) is provided to learners where they can

  • Read questions in their own language
  • Listen questions and answers ( Voice over feature) if they have reading problems
  • Practice questions and answers according to latest DVLA book’s chapters
  • Practice 1000 Revision Questions, 49 Hazard Perception Clips and 4 Practice Hazard exams
  • Monitor their preparation in % against every lecture or chapter in DVLA latest book
  • Monitor overall Driving Theory Test preparation in %

Using online portal students get double chance to pass the test in first attempt

Additional Facilities

We also offer our students a link to a professional driving instructor who will take them through the practical driving test up to the point of the learner getting his or her Full Driver’s License

Register Now Course Fee : £250