Participant Attendance And Punctuality Policy


Education House Leeds is committed to provide high quality training and education in order to contribute in participants / students success. To achieve this, we must maximise learning opportunities by

  • Setting high expectations for attendance and punctuality at all timetabled sessions
  • Working in partnership with participants and, where applicable, their employers, to ensure good attendance and punctuality for embedding a culture of reliability and commitment
  • Monitoring and taking action to improve attendance and punctuality where necessary.


Education House Leeds expects 100% attendance and punctuality at all timetabled sessions including role-plays, tutorials and etc. Any participant who has not achieved at least 90% attendance without full justification will be withdrawn from Education House Leeds through disciplinary procedure.

Procedures and implementation

  1. Attendance will be regularly monitored throughout participants’ time at ehosue.
  2. Attendance of all participants will be reviewed according to below mentioned
    Course durationAttendance review point
    1 weekAfter 3rd Day
    4 weeksEvery Friday
  3. Participants are expected to give a good reason with evidence for all absences.
  4. Participants are expected to provide a reasonable justification for any lateness. Teaching staff have the right to refuse entrance in class for late comers.
  5. Where absences/lateness can be foreseen in advance, the participant should notify Student Welfare Officer (SWO). Appropriate evidence should be provided to SWO for absence to be classed as “authorised".
  6. For unforeseen absences, such as illness, the participant must contact SWO for his / her absence as early as possible on the first day of absence and every subsequent day unless they are signed off by a doctor for a given period. On the following day, participants must provide evidence their absence before authorised absence can be marked in registers.
  7. Non-attendance may be dealt under Education House Leeds’s disciplinary procedure and may result in a final written warning or expulsion.
  8. Participants are normally expected to make medical and other appointments outside the timetabled hours.


This document covers only the most common situations that could occur. Therefore when the procedures and guidance do not appear to cover a unseen situation, teacher/trainer/SWO should either use their own judgement to resolve the matter, or consult with their Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) appointed member. Any feedback on the suitability of the policy and guidance should be made available to QAC nominated member for unguided situation.

Attendance procedure :

  • All attendance registers must be marked in time and accurately
  • Staff member responsible for the session must complete the register markings ( presence, absence or lateness ) ASAP before pm. If staff member persistently fails to mark a register or marks register late, he / she may be subject to disciplinary action. Where the attendance register remains outstanding for 5 days the presumption will be for disciplinary action.
  • Staff writing academic references for participant / student may refer to participant or student record of attendance.
  • Participants will be withdrawn from their course / training if they fail to respond to warnings or breach the terms of their Attendance Agreement. ( if applicable)
  • A formal written report on a participant’s attendance may be made to the participant’s sponsor or his/her employer.


  • Whether the case is reasonable
  • The number of absences taken by the individual
  • Repetitions of the same justification
  • Whether the justification is with evidence


  • Medical appointments which cannot be made outside of timetabled hours
  • Religious holiday
  • Attendance at a funeral
  • Severe disruption tthe transport network
  • Driving test


  • Holidays
  • Babysitting
  • Driving lessons
  • Birthdays
  • Leisure activities
  • Shopping
  • Full or Part-time work (other than work experience)

If the SWO judges the absence to be legitimate he/she should change the absent mark to authorised absence in the register. Where no justification for the absence is provided in advance, SWO must contact the participant or employer to ascertain the reason for the absence ASAP. Where possible the participant should be asked to attend unless there is a valid reason for non-attendance. SWO should record any contact made, discussions, reasons and information and ensure this is communicated to QAC appointed member.

For unseen absence, participant should contact SWO. Responsible trainer / teacher will mark the participant ‘absent’ and ask for “an explanation for an absence" on his / her arrival. In addition, teacher / trainer should draw the participant’s attention to the attendance policy and stress that non-attendance will be followed up and dealt with.

Participant will provide evidence of being absent on the day next to absent day or following day to SWO. Evidence for the absence may be in the form of a note from employer or a medical certificate in the case of 5 or more days absence.

If a pattern of non-attendance emerges, SWO should follow this up at the earliest opportunity and record information on the participant’s personal file and QAC nominated staff must be advised.

If the level of non-attendance is judged to be unacceptable then Education House Leeds disciplinary procedure should be used. As the policy states that we expect 100% attendance, anything below this, unless by prior agreement or with valid reason, is unacceptable. It would therefore be appropriate to use the disciplinary procedure as soon as problems become apparent, rather than leave the problem to grow without formal action.


All staff are responsible for ensuring the good attendance and punctuality of their participants and for dealing with attendance and punctuality issues whenever they occur.

Trainer / teacher responsible for session must

  1. Complete the register markings ( presence, absence or lateness ) ASAP before pm
  2. Follow-up absence on participant’ arrival on the day next to absent day or the following day
  3. Promote good punctuality and attendance through his/her own behaviour and teaching standards
  4. Working with the participant to improve attendance
  5. Dealing with any personal/pastoral issues that affect poor attendance and punctuality
  6. Reporting persistent issues of participants to SWO and follow up any absences and ascertain reasons

SWO is responsible for

  1. Carrying out immediate follow-up to an absence and recording reasons for absence and lateness
  2. Monitoring attendance and punctuality issues at team meetings and taking early action to resolve issues
  3. Ensuring that registers are marked accurately and timely and follow up on any unmarked registers
  4. Ensuring that, in the event of a staff member being absent, the register is taken or reallocated on the timetable in case of long term absence
  5. Ensuring that major changes to timetables are communicated to QAC appointed staff member
  6. Making initial contact with an absent participant to find out the reasons for the absence.
  7. Writing written warnings to participants if required
  8. Writing formal attendance report to participant’s sponsor / employer if required
  9. Processing authorized absence
  10. Recording the results of any conversations and conveying this information to the QAC appointed staff
  11. Maintaining records relating to punctuality and attendance and details of any evidence produced to support absences and lateness.
  12. Ensuring minor changes to timetables are communicated to QAC appointed staff
  13. Liaising with employers in order to improve attendance and resolves issues

QAC appointed member is responsible for

  1. Arranging a cover and ensuring that the register is marked accordingly in case of attendance staff member’s sickness
  2. Audit of attendance register on daily / weekly / monthly basis
  3. Ensuring that participant /student’s absence is communicated to his / her employer or sponsor ASAP or to Home office for 10 consecutive key contacts (if applicable ).


Responsible staff for attendance and punctuality

  • Trainer / Teacher
  • Student Welfare Officer
  • QAC Appointed member


  • SWO : Student Welfare Officer
  • QAC : Quality Assurance Committee