Spoken English skills

Background of the Course

Communication is considered to be a very important aspect within any community, culture, society or nation, and for communicating, one needs to know and speak different language, depending on the place where they live. The most common language spoken around the world is English. Therefore, we believe that it is essential for every individual to opt for this course and master their communicational skills especially their SPOKEN ENGLISH!

Why Spoken English course is Important?

English is an important language in the business world of today and its importance cannot be neglected. Therefore, every individual who feels that he/she is not fluent in English and cannot get hold of their grammar, we are most welcome to help you with all our dedication. The students will be provided with the best teachers who will teach them with commitment and devotion.

  • The Spoken English course, offered by the institute would help the individuals with enhancing their speaking skills of English.
  • This course would not only help them in mastering their English language communicational skills but also excel in their work places.
  • The course will increase the chances of a non-employed individual to get a reputable job.
  • The course has been specifically designed for jobseekers and housewives, therefore it has been formulated in such a way that it gives them the benefits that they seek.

What We Offer?

We offer a well-structured approach for improving your spoken English Skills. The course will help the students in mastering their English speaking skills with the help of many techniques used by the instructors throughout the duration of the course. Following are the 4 main techniques that we will use to enhance your spoken English;

  • Fluency sessions: The activity will include reading of text from different books. This will improve your fluency and speed for reading English words and ultimately your Spoken English
  • Active listening: Students will be made to listen to different audios and then would be asked to write down what they remember. This would analyze their listening and understanding skills associated with English Language.
  • Confidence building: Student would be asked to give speeches and perform in English tableaus
  • Group discussions: Group discussion sessions would be conducted where the students would be given a topic and they will have to discuss it in English.
Register Now Course Fee : £200