Synopsis Of Policies

Health & Safety Policy

Our Health and Safety Manager ensures the learning environment is safe and that qualified First Aiders are available to deal with any incidents.

Education House Leeds

  • Complies with the Health & Safety at Work laws. Any incidents are to be reported and recorded by the Health and Safety Manager of eHouse.
  • Has a responsibility to protect participants’ health, safety and wellbeing whilst they are studying and we take the security of participants and their belonging in eHouse very seriously.

Safeguarding Policy

Education House Leeds

  • Takes seriously its responsibility to safeguard all participants during their time asparticipants
  • Ensures that all staff are trained to deal with safeguarding in a professional and sensitive way.

Our Health and Safety Manager, provide support with any personal and domestic difficulties reported to him / her which may prevent participants continuing and progressing.

Bullying and Harassmen Policy

Education House Leeds

  • Recognises respect and inclusionas fundamental values in the delivery of professional training
  • Will not tolerate bullying, harassment or victimisation and will ensure that every delegate/ participant has the right not to be bullied or harassed and has the right to complain without victimisation.

Equality and Diversity Policy

Our participants reflect the population at large & include people with a variety of faiths, beliefs, ethnicities, abilities, sexual & gender orientations.

Under eHouse’s Equality & Diversity Policyall participants have the right to learn& achieve and to be treated fairly in all aspects of their learning at eHouse.

GDPR Policy

Education House Leeds fully complies with all rules of data protection as stated in the GDPR.

Participants’ information is stored and used for effective and efficient communication by eHouse staff with participants and / or their employers.

These pieces of information include participant’s name, age, address, details of next of kin, employers’ details, professional and academic qualifications.

We store participant details on an electronic systems that provides access onlyto authorized staff members. Third party or public access to data is denied. Participants can access their own information by means of a written request. We make sure the information is used fairly and lawfully for specific and essential purposes. Information on our database is not given to third parties except the with written permission of the student /participant concerned.