UK Visa

Education House Leeds will issue a Visa Support Letter so that students may obtain the UK Standard Visitor Visa Student Category for 6 months.

 Question Answer
  What type of Visa do I need to apply for a training / short course? Standard Visitor Visa
  What is the age limit to apply for a Standard Visitor Visa? 18 years or Over
  What is the student Standard Visitor Visa validity? Six Months
 Can I extend my Standard Visitor Visa in the UK? No
  Can I switch my Standard Visitor Visa into any other immigration category visa? No
  Is there any English Language requirement for the Standard Visitor Visa? No
  Are there any minimum academic requirements for the Standard Visitor Visa? No
  Can I take work placement or internship and if so, can it be paid or unpaid? No
  Can I work paid or unpaid? No
  Can I use the National Health Service? No
  Can I bring dependants? Yes
  Does training / course lead to any qualification? No
  Do the training/courses have to be full time? No

Can I be a volunteer in the UK ?

An individual with a Standard Visitor Visa can. To be considered a volunteer you must meet the following criteria.

  • You must help a charity or public sector organization but must not be under contract for employment or be considered an employee.
  • You must not receive payments or financial compensation.

Where do I apply for a Standard Visitor Visa ?

If you are a national of a country on the “visa national list"(Please scroll down for Immigration Rules Appendix Visitor: Visa National List) you must apply for a Standard Visitor Visa at a British Embassy (or High Commission or Consulate) or Visa Application Centre before you travel to the UK using this link. Information about where to apply in each country can be found here.
If your country is not on the visa national list, you can apply for a Standard Visitor Visa Visa before travelling (as above), or you can make a Standard Visitor Visa application on arrival at a UK airport by showing a Visa Support Letter from the Education House Leeds. This will outline the giving details of the training/course you intend to take.
To avoid any problems on arrival in the UK, non-EEA delegates coming for a training course of less than six months must apply for a Visa at least 6 – 8 weeks before leaving for the UK. This is the safest and most practical option. Please note:

  • Non-visa nationals will get a Standard Visitor Visa on port which is a single entry Visa.
  • Visa nationals will get a Standard Visitor Visa through entry clearance in their own country and it will be a multiple entry visa.

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